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Today, October 31 is Halloween but it is also World Rice Day and we are celebrating our famous Calasparra rice with a few facts about it.
First of all Calasparra rice was the first rice in the world to receive the DOP certificate (denomination of origin). It received the certificate in 1986, guaranteeing the authenticity of the product regarding its precedence and its quality.
The prestige of the Arroz DOP Calasparra is the fruit of the Bomba, Balilla x Sollana varieties conferred by the ancestral agriultural practices employed by the rice farmers.
It is the only DOP rice grown in the high mountains, given that it is grown at an altitude of between 300 and 450 metres above sea level and is watered with the clean, cold water of the rivers Mundo and Segura, in constant movement.
Farmeers use a sustainable cultivation method employing «la seca» (the dry) and the «barbecho» (fallow) techniques.
Calasparra rice is grown in the municipal areas of Hellín,  Castilla la Mancha,  Moratalla and Calasparra, in the Murcia region.
This year the harvest is expected to be around three million kilos of «white gold» thanks to the 500 hectres sown through the effort and tenacity of our farmers, the majority of whom grow the category Balilla x Sollana and the ecological Bombsa, Balilla x Sollana.
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