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The regional government of Murcia has conceded 6.8 million euros to 17 municipal areas, of which Calasparra is one, for new projects and improvements to existing recycling projects.
Calasparra will receive 157,608 euros to improve or install collection systems which separate bio-residues, textiles and used cooking oil.
These grants fall within the Support Plan for the Implemenetation of the Norma for Waste within the Recuperation, Transformation and Resilience Plan financed by the EU.
The materials to be subsidized will be domestic and community containers for public spaces for collecting bio-residues and textiles; lorries to collect bio -residues; compostable rubbish bags for domestic use; and bio-shredders, amongst others.

Editor´s Note
Is this a move towards banning burning garden and agricultural waste by implanting effective recyclcing systems? Let´s hope so!! Apart from being extremely contaminating the constant bonfires in and around residential areas are a constant threat to the residents’ health.

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