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There were 70 less new cases of coronavirus diagnosed in the Over 60´s group in the Murcia region in the last three days but there were more than 50 additional patients admitted to hospital with the virus and six more admitted to intensive care.
Sadly, three people have died of the virus since the last statistics were published by the regional health authority on Monday.

Statistics for the 24 hours ending at midnight on Wednesday July 3
Numbers in brackets are for Monday August 1

199 new cases (over 60´s only) (269)
281 hospitalized (229)
15 in intensive care (9)
2,380 deceased (2,377)

There are seven active cases of the virus registered in the Over 60´group in Calasparra in the last seven days and 10 cases among all groups of the population.
In Caravaca in all groups there were 36 active cases registered in the last seven days; in Bullas, 13; Cehegin 17; and Moratalla 25.

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