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The Director General of Animal Rights has published an information note which states that the obligatory third party insurance for dogs has been suspended and does not come into force on September 29.
However, the third party insurance for potentially dangerous  dogs with minimum cover of 120,000 euros  is in force.
The suspension of the insurance is because, in order for the insurance to be obligatory, it is necessary under the new Law on Animal Well Being to establish a «regulation» and Government has not done this.

Editor¨s Note
The current government of Spain is «in functions» because no party secured enough seats at the General Election to form a Goverment. Both the Partido Popular and the Socialist PSOE are negotiating with other parties (such as the Independence parties of Cataluña and the Basque Country) to gain enough votes to form a Government. It has been suggested that a «government in functions» may not establish or change laws and this could be the reason for this delay.

NEXOnr Calasparra