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The Prosecution are asking for a total of 33 years imprisonment and a fine of  240,000 euros for six members of the same family who stand accused of being members of a criminal network in Calasparra dedicated to the sale of drugs.
The court case, over four sessions, began on Septeber 11 in the Sala 3 de la Audiencia Provincial de Murcia.
The facts of the case date back to 2022 when the Guardia Civil raided three dwellings belonging to two brothers and a partner of one of them. Quantities of cocaine and cannibas, worth approximately 47,000 euros on the illegal market, were found hidden in the properties.
By tapping the telephones of the three accused officers uncovered that the three suspects were operating the network with the parents of the two brothers , their partners and a son of one of them who was a minor.
The Prosecution are asking for eight years and six months in prison for the two brothers and the partner of one of them, for drugs trafficking, and a fine of 200,000 euros.
The brother, his partner and the parents, considered accessories, are facing five and a half years in prison and a fine of approximately 139,ooo euros.
The case continues for the next three weeks.

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