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The Guardia Civil have issued another warning about fraudsters  who call customers using the telephone number of their bank in order to clean all the money from their account.
Fraudsters are supplanting the telephone numbers of banks in order to call the bank´s customers. So when the customer checks the number they believe the call is genuine. It is not!!!
Their next move is to give you the first four digits of your account code, which is the same for everyone of your bank’s customers.  Then they ask you to mark the rest of your account number on your phone but NOT to use the voice option. When they have this information they will clean out your bank account.
Remember each bank uses the different four digit code to identity their customers but each customer of your bank will have the same four digit code,. This code is easily identifiable to fraudsters who will use it to gain your confidence.
The Guardia Civil emphasises that your bank will NEVER ask for your account number over the phone and that you should NEVER provide this information to anyone.
If your bank wants to contact you by telephone they are likely to ask you some security questions before discussing any matter with you. They will NEVER ask you to key in your account number. This is a fraud!!!

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