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Three deliberately set fires provoked a forest fire which threatened the Sanctuary of Our
Lady of Hope and the country estate of Cañaverosa last night.
The fire was reported at just after 8.30pm last night, Sunday, and two helicopters, the Guardia Civil and the local police arrived quickly at the scene assisted by forces from from neighbouring Moratalla. By 10.30pm the fire had been declared as “controlled.”
According to the General Director of Emergencies, Luis Gestoso, once again this fire was deliberately set.
It was less than a month ago, on July 1, that the same area was threatened by a fire which started in Salmeron and jumped the two rivers just behind the Cañaverosa natural park. Last night once again there was a massive mobilization of forces from the local area, Moratalla and Caravaca, to save the Sanctuary and the country estate of Cañaverosa from the flames.
The fires started on the lower slopes in the pine trees near the River Segura but the perimeter was controlled by night flying helicopters and ground fire fighting crews. Damping down at the scene continued throughout the early hours of the morning.
The fire, at Salmeron at the beginning of July, destroyed 1.370,10 hectares, some of which was protected by a LIC, an environmental protection order for areas of special community interest with species threatened by extinction. The Planning Service for Protected Areas and the Natural Environment has declared 9.1 million euros of fire damage including 50 hectares of agricultural land.
The area has been declared “catastrophic” with the object of obtaining help from Europe to repair the damage caused by the fire.

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