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Good news for the Mar Menor as the Regional Government of Murcia and the Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, sign an agreement to create a Corrdination Commissiion between the regional and central governments and the 10 municipal areas affected by the recuperation plans to protect the lagoon and safeguard the the ecosystem, which was so badly damaged that the sea was on the verge of becoming a dead sea.
All parties in the Regional Government voted in favour of the Commission in 2021 except VOX which defends the interests of the farmers, the abusive use of fertilizers and the use of illegal wells, which have contributed decisively to the ecological damage to the sea.
The agreement opens the door to measures contained in the law which will prevent the use of fertilizers in the protective fringe of 1,500 metres around the perimeter of the lagoon and  close down illegal irrigation systems.
The Ministry of Ecological Transition already approved a 484 million euros fund in 2021 for priority measures which include the rearrangement of the use of water in the basin and changing the intensive farming methods to sustainable ones.
These are vital changes which will enable the lagoon to recuperate from the excess of nitrates and other contamination which has, over the last few years, provoked epidodes of dying fish due to a lack of oxygen.
The measures also include an Ordenance Plan to regulate economic and urban development around the Mar Menor.

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