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It seems the process for obtaining your digital certificate from Calasparra Town Hall is more complicated that was first apparent.
As clarified in a previous article on Digital Certificates Nexonr contacted the Town Hall for assistance as a reader was having difficulty obtaining her code. We were assured the process takes two minutes.
This is a letter from our reader outlining her experience with the process:

“Let me assure you Diana the process takes over 40 minutes. As the Sede certificate is untrustworthy you first have to allow permission, then download the software onto computer (Apple still blocks so will not allow!)
You then have to go through various pages of accepting and confirming access on your computer.
Finally when entering NIE and apellido it twice rejected Ian’s as I had already entered CarneRoss! Then he selected a password and we finally have a code.
Most English will not be able to navigate this it as all in Spanish.
Never again!”

Editors Note
I attempted to download my code after receiving this email from Yvonne. I have very good Spanish but poor computer skills but after an hour and a half of trying to understand, download the software and get my code I gave up. If anyone out there has completed this process successfully could they send me a step by step account of how to do it so I can share it with our readers. Absolute nightmare!!!!

NEXOnr Calasparra