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The Public Health waiting lists in the Murcia region published this month, which show lists in a state of collapse, double the statutory waiting times and long delays, have been denounced by the Association for the Defence of Public Health in the region.
There are differing results for different parts of the region and the North West region, of which Calasparra forms part, is highlighted for its «good results» despite suffering the same staff shortages as the rest of the region.
In global terms the results of the whole region «are bad» reports the Association, and three waiting lists are worse and hae been «suspended»  in the report with 4.6 points out of a possible 10.
The Association establishes a point system for every health area and an indicator which consisders «delays, number of people on waiting lists in a state of collapse (with more than double the permitted waiting time and more than 50% of patients without appointments), transparency (the number of people without appointments) and the geographic boundaries of the area.
The Association has only approved, within this global points system, three public health areas of which the North West Murcia region,  is one, «despite its geographic boundaries». However, only the waiting lists for operations have been «approved» (6.3 points) with the complimentary tests suspended (4.7 points) and, particularly bad, the external consultations rated at 2.6 points.
In the region there are 21 specialist services and 10 complimentary tests where the waiting lists are considered «in a state of collapse» as patients wait more than double the recommended time and 50% of pateints have no appointment at all.
Out of the 34,658 patients on the waiting list (12.3% waiting for specialists and tests)  «there is no hope of an appointment soon» reports the Association.
The Association demands immediate action to rectity this situation in the region with six monthly monitoring periods and states «the good results of some areas, where staff shortages are the same as other parts of the region, points to bad management as the cause.

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