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This is a step by step guide for those of you who want to obtain a digital certificate from Calasparra Town Hall and need to download the “code”.
(Apologies to those who have adequate Spanish and/or are completely computer literate. I needed technical advice every step of the way in spite of speaking reasonably Spanish).
First step is to click on the following link:

At the top of the page it offers an English language option. Ignore this as most of the information is not in English.
This step by step guide is numbered to help you and most of the Spanish (which you will read on the webpage link above) has been translated for your information:
When you have finished the process your code will sent immediately to the email address you have provided. Take this code with your TIE and your “padrón” to the Administration Office at Calasparra Town Hall to apply for your digital certificate.

Step by Step Guide

1. When you have clicked on the link the page Certificado Digital will open up. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the last column on the right click on “Descargar software para Certificado Digital”
2.Click on “Configurador.FNMT-RCM
3. Click on “Instalación software generación de claves” (install software to generate code)
Choose your computer system programme eg. Windows 32 bits or 64 bits
(If you don´t know go to the Control Panel on your computer and click on System to see your System Type)
4. Now you need to find the file on your computer. (Mine automatically puts files into Descargas (downloads)).
5. Find the file and open
6. Click “yes”
7. Click “following”
8. Click “install”
9. Click “accept”
10: Click “following”
11. Click “finish”
12. Return to the first page Certificado Digital on the link.
13, Click on “Obtener el Certificado de Usuario” (obtain user´s cert)
14. Click on “Obtener Certificado software” (obtain certificate software)
15. Click on Solicitud via internet de su Certificado (Number two on the last – Application via internet for Digital Cert)
16. Fill in your NIE and your surname. You need to provide an email address and enter it twice
17. Click on “consultar y aceptar las condiciones de expedición del certificado” (read and accept conditions)
18. Click on “aceptar” (accept)
19. Click on “enviar peticion” (send application)
20. Click on “abrir configurador Fnmt” (open configuration Fnmt)
21. A Dropbox will open and ask you to create and enter a password twice
22. Do this and click on “aceptar”
A page will open:

SOLICITUD DE CERTIFICADO FNMT PERSONA FISICA (application for dig cert for person)

Su solicitud ha sido procesada correctamente (Your application has been correctly processed)

No. DEL DOCUMENTO DE IDENTIFICATION (The TIE number you provided) xxxxxxxxxx

PRIMER APELLIDO (First surname) xxxxxxxxx

Then it tells you will receive your code by email and gives the email address you provided.

Editor´s Note
It looks complicated but actually it is a quite simple if you follow these instructions.
Good luck everyone!!!

NEXOnr Calasparra